As I made my way to high St Kensington it dawned on me that I didn’t take a really good look at the menu yet. I usually skim read menus for restaurants review and then look in more detail nearer the time, but as I was going to review a Mexican restaurant (one of my fav foods) I felt comfortable that I’ll be familiar with some of the dishes.

Lupita is a Mexican chain with three branches, one in central London, East London and West London. I attended the last to open; the West London branch based on high St Kensington which has been in business for a year and a half.

As you enter Lupita it feels bright, airy, and welcoming.  The windows folded open adding a nice touch not making it feel too snug. The section we were seated in was for two or four diners. However, at the back there’s more seating for larger groups and you can see the chef cooking up a storm which is a nice touch. We sat near the window which was lovely as they folded open, letting in sunlight and breeze, it was a nice day so added to the overall atmosphere.


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