I am a big fan of using tools in business to improve organisation and efficiency and there are plenty out here claiming to do it all. As a PR professional I am always on the lookout for the latest technology that can add business value and ultimately enhance and make working life easier. However a lot of these helpful tools do come at a large price for example tools like newswire services, media contacts and
So I was having a chat recently with some friends about working in PR and it was interesting to hear what they thought PR was. What was funny was how many myths associated with the profession popped up during the convo, and I had fun trying to dispel them.  Here are my top five ridiculous myths about PR.   PR is all about the Ab fab lifestyle – yep that old chestnut, the BBC comedy
Press releases are a key tool in the PR artillery, but in today’s fast paced society where journalists, editors and bloggers are super busy it’s even more important that they are concise and carefully targeted.   If not they’ll end up unopened or in the bin. To help you steer clear of this happening, see my top five common mistakes to avoid. Targeting the wrong media – one size doesn’t fit all so sending a press
Happy New Year all, 2016 is here already and the festive season is well and truly over and I’m sure many of you can tell by the extra people at the gym, working on their 2016 fitness resolutions following an indulgent end to 2015. The New Year gives us all a chance to refresh, start again or start anew. We can do this any day of the year but the start of the year just

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