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Welcome to Ebony Gayle Communications, a London-based accredited independent PR & communications specialist, with over 15 years of experience advising on effective results-driven PR and marketing communications strategies for clients.

Ebony is the creator of the top rated online course DIY PR: How to get media coverage for your business, to help small business owners, consultants, coaches, sole traders, and entrepreneurs on tight budgets reach their business goals and share their vision. She is also an author, motivational speaker, and founder of UK’s no1 escape the 9-5 platform  9to5workrebels.com.


As a independent PR  consultant I offer the following services:

  • DIY PR training for Start-ups, small businesses, social enterprises, SMEs, Solo and entrepreneurs
  • PR strategy Counsel & Creation
  • Communications strategy Counsel & Creation
  • Creative Counsel 
  • PR and branding Health Check Audits
  • Visual PR – bring your business messages to life with film 
  • Crisis Communications & Media relations Counsel

Workshops and speaking engagements:

  • Public Relations – why it pays to use PR for your business
  • How to become an independent consultant in any industry
  • How to be a PR consultant
  • Escape the 9-5
  • Going freelance
  • How to start an online business
  • The entrepreneurial mindset – setting goals and moving past self-limiting beliefs
  • How to write and self-publish your book
  • How to create an online course


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I’m an author, PR specialist, speaker and accountability consultant.

  • PR Communications Consultancy & One to one Coaching
  • PR Communications strategy development & planning – bespoke for your business
  • PR and branding health checks   – review and refresh your current strategy to ensure you are meeting your business objectives.
  • Video marketing – bring your business messages to life with film.
  • Motivational speaking on escaping the 9-5 and going for your goals.Workshops and speaking engagements:
    • How to become a consultant
    • Escape the 9-5
    • Being an independent consultant
    • PR why it pays
    • PR – mental wellbeing in comms

Having worked with many start-ups, entrepreneurs and corporations, I know that financial challenges and constraints can hinder business growth, so I have developed the following packages that include expert advice that you can take away and implement.

DIY PR communications starter package:

  • Lifetime Access to DIY PR course: How to get media coverage for your business in 30days (include access to essential template PR materials)
  • An expert review one to one session of your PR plan to enhance impact and effectiveness (Skype, zoom or call)
  • Expert recommendations on your DIY plan and messaging


DIY PR communications enhanced business coaching package:

  • Lifetime Access to DIY PR course: How to get media coverage for your business in 30days (include access to essential template PR materials)
  • Expert advice on finding your USP and crafting your key messages for clarity
  • One to one sessions to help you craft your PR plan and overall business growth strategy to enhance impact and effectiveness (skype, zoom or call)
  • Expert recommendations on your DIY plan and follow-up


Established business package: The Communication Strategy overhaul

Review and amplify your communications efforts to ensure your personal brand or business message is clear and concise.  Your business reputation is crucial, if it is thriving your business will to, effective communications is a key component of your success.

  • I will conduct a review your existing communications strategy, assessing its effectiveness and areas of concern for you to address.
  • Make recommendation that ensure alignment with your business objectives – designed to achieve results.

From £850.00

Bespoke Consultancy package:

  • In-depth assessment and evaluation of your current PR & marketing communications strategy and materials with recommendations for improvement (including leveraging stakeholder relations)
  • PR & marketing communication strategy development.
  • Progress review and follow up on recommendations implementation

From £1997

9 to 5 Work Rebels – Escape the 9-5 accountability programmes available. 

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What My Clients Think

A big thank you to Ebony for her work on getting some of the NHS Confederation’s 2014 annual conference and exhibition content the kind of media coverage it deserved. Her ability to make sense of the maelstrom of ‘stuff’ – including all the internal tensions and anxieties that are so prevalent in the 6-8 week run-up to a major event – was invaluable.

Additionally, Ebony’s calm and methodical approach, superb personal skills, and first-class professional comms skills inspired huge confidence in everyone in the NHS Confederation with whom she worked, and it was immensely helpful to know that she was ‘on it’ in every aspect of the work we put her way (which was plenty!)

We’d be very happy to recommend Ebony’s services.

Georgie Agass – Senior Media Relations Manager, NHS Confederation

‘It is a pleasure working with Ebony.  Her good sense, practical ideas and lovely sense of humour helps get the best out of everyone.  The communication strategy she produced with us has really helped get our project off the ground.  The videos she envisioned, scripted and produced for us are superb’.

Christine Braithwaite – Director of Standards and Policy 

I first met Ebony years back when I started my work as a broadcasting journalist on radio, she was the producer for my Lifestyle and Food show.
She was responsible for the researching topics of interest, sourcing reputable guests, verifying them and booking them in.
Ebony thinks outside the box is extremely creative and ever so enthusiastic about her work, it was amazing to see how she just leaped into action when issues arose,  but no matter what, she always ensured that the live show went ahead smoothly.
It is was a pleasure to work with her in that capacity. I later enlisted Ebony’s PR expertise on for my business ventures which included getting publicity for my best-selling book, ‘The Love List’.
I have enlisted on her expertise again for my newest projects that will be out in the near future.
Ebony is passionate about her work and always ensures she over delivers to her clients, no matter who she works with, she is always brings value which is an asset.
Sonia Poleon – Award Winning Business Woman, Author, Journalist Radio & TV Host

Ebony managed our charity launch event with ease; she was organised, creative and had a handle on all things thrown her way. She delivered the brief and was passionate about the charity’s vision and able to convey this succinctly throughout. Ebony has a calm and strategic approach, great communications skills and was a pleasure to work with. I would happily use her services again in the future.

Lee Lawrence – Charity Founder