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Welcome to Ebony Gayle Communications, a London-based accredited independent PR & communications specialist, with over 15 years of experience advising on effective results-driven PR and marketing communications strategies for clients.

Ebony is the creator of the top rated online course DIY PR: How to get media coverage for your business, to help small business owners, consultants, coaches, sole traders, and entrepreneurs on tight budgets reach their business goals and share their vision. She is also an author, motivational speaker, and founder of UK’s no1 escape the 9-5 platform  9to5workrebels.com.


As a PR specialist and escape the 9-5 accountability consultant   I offer the following services:

  • DIY PR training  for small businesses, social enterprises, SMEs, Startups, and entrepreneurs
  • PR Communications strategy development – bespoke for your business
  • PR and brand audits – review and refresh your brand messaging to ensure clarity.
  • Video marketing – bring your business messages to life with film
  • Content writing – copywriting, sales and marketing copy etc

Workshops and speaking engagements:

  • How to become a consultant
  • Escape the 9-5
  • Being an independent consultant
  • How to start an online business
  • The entrepreneurial mindset – setting goals and moving past self-limiting beliefs
  • How to write and self-publish your book
  • How to create an online course



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Here are some tips for frugal #consultants #coaches #entrepreneurs, #startups and #businessowners in general on getting media coverage for your business! For more info https://bit.ly/2Ohjf5i  

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So, you want to read about your business in the news, great, I don’t blame you. Media coverage can be a great boost for your business, and can help to build credibility, awareness and conversion rates. Therefore it’s understandable that business owners see the benefit of media coverage. But how do you go about getting some media coverage for your business, there’s hundreds of thousands of businesses all looking to get their names out to… Read More

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I’ve had this conversation on many occasions, is all publicity good publicity? I watched a show recently and a group of women were talking about the fact that one of them had been in the media and she wasn’t concerned about the fact that the publicity wasn’t favourable or positive it was entirely negative but to her all that mattered was that her name is out there.  That is something I hear often, people think… Read More

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What My Clients Think

We enlisted Ebony’s expertise to help us launch our new business, ZAPspace trampoline park, which includes the Curious Fox speakeasy, and Old Town Bistro to the public. We bought Ebony on to our project with a little over a month before we intended to launch our new service. Ebony showed due diligence and professionalism, she got to grips with the project quickly and immersed herself into it, liaising with the team, putting together a strategy for the launch.

She managed the press launch for ZAPspace which was a great success and secured significant coverage on relevant media platforms. Ebony also produced our crisis communications plan and was instrumental in setting up our marketing activities for our sister sites including Pitch. Ebony is dynamic, creative and hardworking and a pleasure to work with.


Emily Frost

Head of marketing for sister sites (ZAPspace, Curious Fox, Old Town Bistro & Pitch)

Ebony is a clear thinking, hardworking communications professional. I really enjoyed working with her and have been delighted to see her career develop.

Stephanie McNamara – Head of Media, General Medical Council

Ebony Gayle has been working with In-spire LS Magazine for over four years and shows a passion and a commitment to the brand and the brand vision. I met Ebony when I was a radio host on the community radio station Colourful Radio and she supported me in the production of my shows lining up guests, sort soundbites etc. Ebony now undertakes restaurant reviews on behalf of my magazine as well as covering other topics and producing the content on our YouTube channel. Ebony is without a doubt an asset to our team.


Sasha Shantel – Editor


Ebony’s contribution to the Sutara Academy, over the last two years, has been invaluable.

She has taken a holistic approach and is always at hand when needed; from co-coordinating the initial business plan, and handling promotion of our events as well as organising our events, Suffice to say, Ebony has proven that no job is too big or too small.

Ebony is very dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

Lorna Gayle – Founder of Sutara Academy