Get media coverage for your business in 30 days with this DIY PR online course

Big PR goals on a small budget- this course is all you will need to secure that coverage to help catapult you and your business!

As an accredited PR specialist with over 15yrs experience, securing coverage on BBC, ITV, SKY, Forbes, nationals and regional news outlets  and many more.  I know what it means for your business to be featured in the media. You can have the best product or service but if no one knows about it, chances are it will fail. They don’t say one in three businesses fail within 2-3years for nothing. Great PR is essential for your business success; well-placed media coverage can boost your business reputation and your revenue conversion rates!  

With this compact and comprehensive course there’ll be nothing stopping you from getting your business under the media spot light and the coverage you deserve! Join other business owners securing great coverage without the agency over heads! 

This course is great for:

Small Business Owners


Sole Traders




And anyone interested in using PR to leverage their business



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