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How to become a consultant book

How to Become a Consultant: A Guide To Free Yourself From The 9-5’

This book takes you through the steps to freeing yourself from the 9-5 grind so you can be the real boss of your life, and live your life, the way you truly desire.

Work less, earn more and create the life you want!

Available from Amazon and  Barnes & Noble, iBookGoogle play and other online outlets now.

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Available from Amazon – paperback and ebook

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DIY PR: How to get media coverage for your business in 30 days – online course

Do It Yourself (DIY) public relations: how to secure media coverage for your business in 30 days whilst increasing your credibility and sales.

PR pays! The business growth and turnover that media coverage can generate for you is immense! Getting mentioned on established media sites and publications gives your business or product exposure to the very audience you need, thus increasing your visibility and credibility! £129.99

How to be a successful consultant – online course

If you’re fed up with the 9-5 working life, or feeling stuck, a great exit plan is to consultant! As a consultant, you are your own boss and crucially you get to decide the types of clients you work with – helping to avoid ethical or moral dilemmas that you cant do at work. And importantly, you get to decide when and where you work. If you’d like to know more. Check out this online training course where I share my insight and present the steps you need to take to build a sustainable freelance consultant career a bargain at just £99.99.

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Free PR training – how to blow up your profile with PR

If you want to know how you can blow up your profile & profits with PR check out my free training. I know’s what it means for your business to be featured in the media and the massive impact it can have on your business overnight. One of my clients recently reported record sales of £5m and PR helped. Check out the free training webinar, perfect for savvy small business owners.

Free ebook on PR

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