Do It Yourself (DIY) public relations: how to blow up your profile with PR! Secure media coverage for your business in 30 days increase your credibility and sales



Do It Yourself (DIY) public relations: how to blow up your business profile with PR in 30 days increase your credibility and sales.

I want to help you be in as many publications, magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, radio and tv news stations as possible and it is possible!

As an accredited PR professional with over 15 years experience, I know that PR is fantastic at blowing up your profile and opening you up to a whole new audience!  Getting your business or product featured in a major newspaper, magazine, blog, podcast, radio or TV news channel is awesome for your business.

I have helped clients to do this and I’m sure you can think of a product or business you had never previously heard of, but then read, watched a viral video or heard about it on the radio or TV that got you interested which then led to you becoming a customer and then a fan. Know that PR was driving force behind it.

One of my clients went from being unknown in the UK to a now recognised and sought after brand and that has expanded across Europe and reported record sales over 5 million pounds during black Friday and PR played a part in that!  

The business growth that publicity and media coverage can generate for your business can be life-changing. Getting mentioned on a popular blog, magazine or newspaper can literally catapult your business to new levels, so the question is ARE YOU READY?

PR  allows you to connect with your tribe, your audience. Think about it, if you’re reading a magazine or on a popular blog, you are going on there to read the content because it interests you, you like the style, it appeals to your taste and interests, talks about products and services or topics that you care about, you’re not going on there to look at ads.

PR cuts through the noise and focuses on story-telling and content and ensuring that it reaches the right channels and audiences, which brings me to my next question….ARE YOU READY TO SHARE YOUR STORY WITH THE WORLD?

PR is a key tool to help build your brand!

Hiring a PR agency can be a serious expense and will cost you thousands of pounds anywhere from £2000 to in excess of £6000 a month and that could just be a retainer fee and not included any major campaign work. If you’re going for top glitzy agency be prepared to pay MORE than that! The reality is most agencies will put their junior staff on the smaller accounts and the big wigs on the accounts with more money.

As a start-up,  small business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, coach or sole trader this is far too costly and likely out of your budget and to be honest you  can start to create a buzz yourself with my guidance and coaching!

You can follow this course to learn how you can blow up your profile with PR at a fraction of the cost that agencies charge!

This course is worth £1997 but I’m selling it for only £129.99 ($160)!!! A bargain! You’ll get to blow up your profile and save yourself thousands of pounds in the process.

I’m offering you a way to save thousands of pounds by doing it yourself. And no, it won’t take you long, I pride myself on getting to the point so I’ve made this course comprehensive and you can get through it in less than a day – exercise tasks included!  I take you step by step through the process in this course.

As long as you have a laptop and a phone and you’re ready to make it happen you will be able to manage your own PR with ease thanks to this course.

Obviously you can work at your own pace, you’ll have life time access so you can always go back and forth, that’s the great thing about online learning. It’s up to you!

Do you want to blow up your profile with PR?

Do you have a product you want to launch?

Do you want to be seen as the expert in your industry?

Want to increase your brand awareness?

Want to increase client numbers?

Like I said at the start I want to help you be in as many publications magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and publications, radio and tv news stations as possible and it is possible!

So, if you’re willing to put in the effort you will see results and get to reap the benefits and blow up your profile with PR!

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