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I am motivational speaker and advocate for independence & entrepreneurship with a  passion for helping others escape the rat race and follow their dreams – available for bookings.


Check out my motivational channel ‘9 to 5 Work Rebels’ on Youtube about escaping the 9-5.  https://youtu.be/8mcopNial0Y



Presenting work.

Fusion plus TV -That’s Wazzup episode 4


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Colourful radio Production for the following shows:

Sonia Poleon – Colourful life


Sasha Shantell – VIP Room



I’m a consultant, author, motivational speaker and escape the 9-5 mentor.

  • PR Communications strategy development & planning – bespoke for your business
  • PR and communications audits – review and refresh your brand messaging to ensure clarity.
  • Video marketing – bring your business messages to life with film.
  • Motivational speaking and mentoring on escaping the 9-5 and going for your goals.



Find ;iopout about coaching and consulting package deals here.


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I’ve had this conversation on many occasions, is all publicity good publicity? I watched a show recently and a group of women were talking about the fact that one of them had been in the media and she wasn’t concerned about the fact that the publicity wasn’t favourable or positive it was entirely negative but to her all that mattered was that her name is out there.  That is something I hear often, people think… Read More

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I joined Sara Troy on Self discovery radio & TV to discuss building your business as a consultant. I argue that going it alone doesn’t need to be high risk and you don’t have to come up with a ground-breaking idea. Check it out here:    

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Happy humpday. I get lots of questions from solopreneurs and SMEs about getting media coverage. We all know that getting media coverage can boost your profile and your business so here are some tips.     And if you want to know more – check out my DIY course on this very subject.  

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What My Clients Think

Ebony is a hard-working and ambitious professional with a great eye for detail. She covered her brief with exceptional attention and devotion and made a big impression on the organisation.

Paul Eastham – Head of News, Ofsted


Ebony’s contribution to the Sutara Academy, over the last two years, has been invaluable.

She has taken a holistic approach and is always at hand when needed; from co-coordinating the initial business plan, and handling promotion of our events as well as organising our events, Suffice to say, Ebony has proven that no job is too big or too small.

Ebony is very dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

Lorna Gayle – Founder of Sutara Academy

Ebony is a clear thinking, hardworking communications professional. I really enjoyed working with her and have been delighted to see her career develop.

Stephanie McNamara – Head of Media, General Medical Council

Ebony was recommended to us as a speaker for a Womens Business Event that we were hosting in June 2018.  Ebony gave a brilliant interactive presentation on ‘escaping the 9-5’ which was well received by the audience of around 25 women.  Her presentation was relevant, clear, motivational and well suited to the event and audience.  What better a person to show you how to escape the 9- 5 ? than Ebony, who has actually succeededed in doing this herself.  Ebony was a pleasure to work with & we would love to have Ebony speak on our platform again.

Philippa Gold

Wealth  Principles Club / Wealth Queens Women’s Network

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