Why choose me?

I am a straight talking honest professional who takes pride in offering clear and concise advice to clients.

With over 15-years experience working in communications, PR and marketing delivering results for high profile organisations such as Ofsted, Local Government Association, General Medical Council and EMAP as well as providing consultancy for small businesses, I know how important creative conversation is for building your reputation.

As I have been on the other side writing for publications and have previously worked as an entertainment & lifestyle radio program producer and presenter, I know what Journalists and bloggers are looking for and the info that helps to build a great story.

With a passion for communications, I am using my skills to provide a bespoke independent consultancy service for clients like you!

My business is built around me so I will only take on a client if I have the capacity to give them a good quality service.

If you would like to know how I might be able to help you with your PR and communication needs please do get in touch.