#SpotlightInterview | LA based Fitness Coach and YouTube Fitness Trailblazer Tiffany Rothe

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As a self-confessed fitness fanatic, I like to try out different activities, classes, challenges and home workouts. Although I say I’m a fitness fanatic, it wasn’t always this way. I have had my fit fan moments and as well as my Patsy moments (my nickname for my inner sweet tooth loving heavier set fat girl). So, in my pursuit to keep Patsy in check, I like to switch things up and stumbled across Tiffany Rothe; a trailblazer for online fitness on YouTube.

Whilst I have been a member of many gyms I wanted to be frugal and avoid gym fees as well as grunts from men lifting weights among other pet peeves. I wanted to work out in the comfort of my own home where it didn’t matter if I looked like a svelte gym bunny or a straight out of bed hot mess.

So, I was extremely gassed (happy) as my daughter would say, when I found Tiffany’s 10 minute workouts which led me to her ‘Tiffany Rothe Fit Club (TRFC)’ and it’s fair to say I am a big fan of. Particularly as I’ve personally had some great results using her online training formula.

Tiffany’s “10 Minute Workout Technique” has helped millions of people get in shape and it’s easy to see why she has been credited as having one of the best workouts on YouTube. The 10-minute formula works well so you can choose to do 2, 3, 4 or 5 videos it’s up to you.. On her website, she offers a free fitness schedule for the workouts available on YouTube.

In addition to Tiffany’s YouTube offering, she has developed a unique fitness regime and regularly sets challenges for members of the  TRFC’ that focuses on the psychology of fitness, whole food nutrition and multi-faceted workouts which are the key factors in maintaining weight loss for life.

The first challenge I got involved with was the fittest winner; an 8-week challenge with workouts and a food plan to follow which put me through my paces and helped me to shift some pounds of course. After completing that challenge I loved my results so much so I joined the fit club, since then I’ve participated in the fab in 4 weeks challenge, burlesque challenge which was great fun and included working out in heels! And most recently the queen challenge 2017.

If you’re looking for an online workout that does get results as long as you put the effort in and eat sensibly of course then look no further than TRFC.

Tiffany is a wife, mother of two girls, former celebrity trainer and fitness coach to the people who goes by the motto, ‘train your mind, work your body and lift your spirit’ and I caught up with her recently to find out about her journey.

Read the full interview here.

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