‘Gems in Comms’ Returns with Further Exploration into the Experiences of Diverse Talent in the UK PR & Comms Sector”

Exciting news! The eagerly awaited second series of the ‘Gems in Comms’ podcast by 9to5workrebels is returning on September 5th 2023. This remarkable series is dedicated to highlighting the talents of Black, Asian, mixed, and Ethnic Minority professionals in the UK’s PR and Communications sector. In an industry where 91% of professionals are white, this podcast offers invaluable insights into the journeys and experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Hosted by Ebony Gayle, the series delves into the real-life stories of people of color in the field. The discussions cover a range of topics, including career paths, challenges related to racism in the workplace, equity considerations, and the creation of inclusive environments. For those committed to fostering inclusiveness, this series is essential listening, offering unique perspectives and invaluable insights.

Launching on September 5th, 2023, the podcast boasts an impressive line-up of guests, including industry experts such as Barbara Phillips (founder of Brownstone Communications), Ann Marie Blake (co-founder of True), Kevin Leonce (founder of Togethr), Nicola Millington (founder of FP comms), Bemi Idowi (founder of Talking Drum Communications), and many more. These guests will share their experiences and key insights, with subsequent episodes following each Tuesday.

The ‘Gems in Comms’ series breaks down the misconception that people of colour are a homogeneous group by exploring diverse work experiences. It provides an honest and open window into rarely heard conversations, shedding light on the perspectives of underrepresented voices.

This special podcast series aims to:

  1. Explore the experiences of people of colour in the PR & comms industry, including the highs and lows.
  2. Understand how these experiences have influenced their professional journeys.
  3. Uncover valuable insights for employers to foster more inclusive work environments.

The series is spearheaded by Ebony Gayle the host of 9to5workrebels, an independent consultant with over two decades of PR and communications experience. Her expertise enables candid and engaging conversations that break down barriers comfortably.

Ebony’s motivation behind the series is to showcase the contributions of people of colour in the industry. While the lack of diversity in PR and communications is known, this podcast focuses on the accomplishments and experiences of these talented individuals. It seeks to celebrate their success while promoting cultural awareness for better retention and a harmonious work atmosphere.

Save the date for September 5th and tune in to 9to5workrebels for the ‘Gems in Comms’ series, sponsored by the PRCA Race Ethnicity and Equity Board. New episodes will be available weekly on major platforms. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to gain insights and celebrate industry diversity.

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