Renee Lawless 2

Power-women come in their diverse forms and we at In-spire LS are proud to showcase the most talented and inspirational women from both the entertainment and business world. Unless you have been hiding under a rock; if you’re into your US TV shows, you would have; without a doubt  watched or heard of OWN TV’s American prime time television soap opera created, executive produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry ‘The Have and the Have Nots’ If you have, you would recognise our latest spotlight feature; the talented and inspirational actress Renee Lawless. Read more to find out how Renee got into acting, what she really thinks about her character Katheryn Cryer, what it is like working for Tyler Perry and Oprah and learn what in-spires her plus much more in this insightful interview.

How did you first get started in acting? Was it always a passion from childhood or were you a later bloomer?

Basically, I feel like I acted my way out of the womb! I was always involved in church productions even as a small child. I was always acting at home, and in school. But, I grew up in a time where we only had three TV channels and you went to the movies. As a child, I wasn’t exposed to all those things that we are today with reality television. So, I didn’t think people could grow up to become an actress from a small town. It wasn’t until I was older; when I say older I mean early teens, that I knew I could actually make a career out of this. It is something I jave always wanted to do, but like I said it wasn’t until I became a teenager that I thought this was something that I could do as a profession. Yes, I did start pursuing it more in the music route. I started singing first and wanted to become a singer. I was always doing stage, opera etc. And that love went over into musical theatre and then over to television and film.

What has been your favourite role to play and why?

That is a very difficult question for me to answer because I take each and every role I play to heart. I find that every time I get an opportunity to create a role I think of it like my child and how do you pick a favorite child? Theatrically, I have to say that playing Patsy Cline in “Always Patsy Cline” will always be a highlight because she was someone that I admired so much and I loved her music. I also have to say that I very much enjoyed playing Madame Morrible in “Wicked”. But like I said it is very hard to pin down just one. I can’t lie though; I enjoy every minute playing Katheryn Cryer.

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