My approach

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  • Research your business and market
  • Set clear objectives
  • Create tailored messages
  • Develop a strategy
  • Implement the strategy
  •  Evaluate and measure the results

When taking on a client I research your business, the audience you need to engage with and what you want to achieve. Every project is different, so it is important that an appropriate strategy is created for your business or project which will reach your target audience and get results.

Whatever the size of your business the messages you want to communicate are important, however there is no point having good messages that are not received or misunderstood by the target audience.

A successful PR communication strategy ensures that messages are communicated in a clear concise way to its intended audience but also reviewed from the view point of the audience. An important quality of an effective communication strategy is consistency.

This means that none of the newsletters, media releases, emails, letters or other communications from an organisation contradicts each other in content. Branding is another important part of ensuring consistency as out-dated logos, slogans and social media-handles can make an organisation appear unprofessional.

It is imperative in ensuring that the messages are understood, but also in fostering the Individual’s/company’s/organisations image and reputation as being professional and cohesive.